Hey guys, is any one here doing Indonesian from Perth Australia? if so, we should organize some meet ups and help each other out.

August 27, 2018


I am in Mandurah ... and have the advantage of an Indonesian wife. Maybe we can form an Indo Duolingo group on FB. I joined one recently but can't really see it as being useful since the other four members are in the USA.

I have an indonesian partner as well hence why I'm learning it. But yeah I think the facebook group is a great idea.

Just created my first group in FB. Just search for Duolingo Indonesian Perth ... and join.

Just requested to join. Ta!

I would love one in Adelaide too.. sounds like a great idea

You can always join us, although it would be unlikely that we could all meet at sometime in the future if the group gets large enough.

hurray, other perth people learning indo. Bagus sekali

I live south of the river and have just sent a request to join the FB group..

There a lot of aussies learning Indonesian!

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