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Cantonese, please!

Does anyone know if they are going to be putting out Cantonese or any other Chinese dialects any time soon?

August 27, 2018



"Duolingo uses at the moment Mandarin Chinese as Duo's Chinese language. They may not teach any other Chinese languages in a mid-term future or even long-term." https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15014194


The least they could do is label it as Mandarin instead of plain Chinese. In a community full of language buffs we shouldn't be sloppy about this sort of thing.


Personally, I dislike the name "Mandarin" for Standard Chinese/普通话/国语. There used to be a Mandarin in the past (the language the Chinese mandarins used) but the official language today is not descended from that Mandarin but is based on the Beijing dialect.


I guess Putonghua would be a better name for it but it's not nearly as well-known. I don't think most English speakers even know that "Mandarin" and language diversity in China are a thing.


Cantonese, please!


There is currently no Cantonese on Duolingo. At least not now. A post made by RobinCard hinted that Cantonese is coming to Duolingo! My first language was Mandarin and Fuzhou dialect (I learned them at the same time). I think the problem is that the characters are the same, and they would have to branch out from the already existing Chinese tree. Either that or they would have to make an entirely new tree.


I am a native Cantonese speaker, also speak Mandarin. I believed that Duolingo have to create a new Cantonese tree, coz a lot of words in Cantonese is not the exactly same as Mandarin Chinese.


Cantonese is the REAL Chinese Language


Why, though? It's spoken by fewer people. It has twice as many tones as Chinese used to have.
You could argue that Wu Chinese languages are the real Chinese because they are the only ones that retain voiced stops or make some other arbitrary judgment. :)


The roots of Cantonese language are from Yue which has a longer history than what we know as Mandarin. Actually, the Mandarin that is taught and used now isn't even actually Mandarin. It has been changed and simplified to become the "standard" language of China, Putonghua (the Chinese characters literally mean "normal" language)! Yue and Cantonese can be traced back to Classical Chinese and if you study it, you can see the similarities!


Just saw your post about "Mandarin" and you are correct about Putonghua being based on Beijing dialect. However, I stand by my statement that Cantonese is older and if any dialect should be considered THE Chinese, it should be Cantonese.


Hi I would also like to have another Chinese dialects especially cantonese! Follow me and see if I can create a course for that!


I really really really want to learn Cantonese!


Please create Cantonese for us!


learn from "droplets" its a great app~ there are other cantonese learning apps. also they offers traditional chinese

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