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  5. "Itu anjing kamu."

"Itu anjing kamu."

Translation:That is your dog.

August 27, 2018



Why can this not be "That dog is yours"?


They have different translation:

That dog is yours
Anjing itu punya kamu

That is your dog
Itu adalah anjing kamu


The problem with what you have said is niether of your sentences match the duo lingo sentence


the second one they said matches it. Just omit "adalah" and it matches. "adalah" isn't needed here


Ya it shpuld be able to be "That dog is yours"

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So basically you can use either 'anjing kamu' or 'anjingmu' more or less interchangeably?


"that dog is yours" would work in conversation. Should work here....


Should "The dog is yours" also be considered as correct?


Me indonesian friend says kamu is inappropriate against elder poeple so he'd rather use anjingmu


The problem with that is that -mu is short for kamu. Perhaps they meant you should say Anda instead of kamu.


Hmm, it's just the same. To be appropriate, use 'Anda' instead, but this is unnecessarily too formal. Or better, use "Anjing bapak" (if he is a man) or "Anjing ibu" (if he is a woman). This is polite but less formal.


That dog is yours That is your dog These are the same. Duolingo... Please put some work in and update your Indonesian library. Phil


Those sentences are similar, but they're not the same.


BUT they are the same in conversation. I would expect them to be the same here. I don't know why you want to split hairs on this. I think the Indonesian database is lacking. Phil


I think your manners are lacking. :)

If you'd like to improve the Duolingo tree, feel free to volunteer. (Most course creators and moderators are unpaid volunteers.)

If you /do /end up volunteering, please let us know so we can criticise /your/ hard work. :)

Lastly, there's a mechanism for reporting errors, and complaining in the comments ain't it. :)

(Clicking on the little flag will alert the moderators to the error in a way that's much more useful / convenient to them.)

Anyway, good luck in your learning, and sorry so snarky. :)


Can you please calm down.Aren't you also critising someone


Yes but they would not translate as the same in Indonesian, it's about the emphasis in this case. That dog is yours translates to "Itu anjin milik kamu" with the emphasis being on MILIK or BELONGS.


Why not "Anjing itu kamu"?


Not correct word order


I consistently translate it as 'that dog is yours", but Duo Ling won't accept it. Annoying.


Because it's the incorrect answer. "Anjing itu punya kamu" would mean "that dog is yours. But the sentence is "that is your dog", so it'd be "itu anjingmu"


A dog barked at the end


In English, "That is your dog" and "That dog is yours" are absolutely the same. Either one is correct for "Itu anjing kamu."


the way you said it is different though. just like in english, Indonesian can put emphasis on different parts of the sentence. They're similar but different in the end.

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