"Bukakan toko ini."

Translation:Open this store.

August 27, 2018

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just wondering, what does the '-kan' suffix do here? could you equally say 'buka toko ini'?


I was wondering the same, here's an explanation: " adding the "-kan" suffix to a verb results in a verb indicating causation; making or causing something to happen. Its main function is to carry or transfer the action of the verb to some other part of the sentence. It is often used for imperatives on product labels or with instructions for cooking recipes. The suffix "-kan" can sometimes be viewed the same as a short form of "akan", the same as adding the preposition "akan" after the root word. It is frequently used in conjunction with the me- prefix and also frequently as the sole affix for imperative or instructional verbs." Source: http://indodic.com/affixeng.html


Can open this shop be added?


Both shop and store are suitable English translations for toko so both should be accepted as correct


'shop' is in the drop down menu and should be accepted

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