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  5. "This dress belongs to Sri."

"This dress belongs to Sri."

Translation:Gaun ini milik Sri.

August 27, 2018



gaun ini miliknya sri can be translated like that


Is using memilik wrong? I keep getting marked wrong for using it, but I like to be on the more formal side.


me- to the word "milik" can only be given in the form me-i (memiliki). so there is no word "memilik" in Indonesian.

If you want to write it in more formal, then the sentence structure needs to be changed


is "ini gaun" gramatically incorrect? I have seem some examples of "ini" being used before the subject in the sentence, so thought I would clarify


Gaun ini --> This dress

But if you reverse the order:

Ini gaun --> This is a dress. (roughly)

Ini gaun saya --> This is my dress.

Moreover, I think, in a sentence where there's a sense of belongingness, then both could be correct:

  1. Gaun ini milik Sri.

  2. Ini gaun milik Sri

However first one is still preferred.


"Ini gaun milik Sri" would sound more informal, but this form is actually what most Indonesian use in a daily conversation.


i think the standard rule would be "gaun ini", although "ini gaun" should be understandable in conversation.


When you put the 'ini' in front of the noun, you're stressing on the noun

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