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Placement of matras?

I just started studying the Devanagari outside of Duolingo and am still getting the hang of it. I reset my Hindi course so that I could authentically practice and pace myself through the letters again, and as I'm going through I've noticed that the vowel matras are place differently on some consonants. Instead of being attached at the bottom, I've seen what transliterates into u and uu attached to and beside the consonant? Is it supposed to be at the bottom or just attached to the "tail" of the consonant?

August 27, 2018



Different letters have different placements. For example, रू/ रु compared to लू/ लु। Unfortunately, the placement is just learned through time and repetition. I remember when I first started learning, I would hand write each letter of the alphabet along with how it looks with each vowel. This was well worth the effort.


great learning method. i may try that.


I'm pretty sure र is the ONLY letter that doesn't have the u and uu matras placed on the bottom.

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