"हम कुर्सी पर बैठे हैं ।"

Translation:We are sitting on the chair.

August 27, 2018

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Shouldn't this be translated as "we sit on the chair"? "We are sitting on the chair" would be "हम कुर्सी पर बैठ रहे हैं ।" would it not?


Exactly, बैठ रहे हैं is the continuous tense "sitting". I still get "we sit on the chair" wrong. Can somebody explain why the "correct" answer in English has to be in the continuous tense, but in Hindi it doesn't? I'm seeing quite a few inconsistencies like this in this course.


Its because in this case बैठे is not a verb but and adjective. Replace बैठे with हरे (green) and it would be "We are green on the chair". I do wonder though if हम कुर्सी पर बैत रहे हैं is also correct and if indians would use that aswell.


I think the right tranalation would be we are seated on the chair


Well, actually here बैठे IS NOT A VERB! But actually an ADJECTIVE. It's like we say: We are sitting (persons) on the chair. Hope it helped.


BaiTe translates to 'seated' here


Why is "sitting on chairs" wrong. Everyone can not be sitting on just one chair.


Chairs is कुर्सियाँ.


Maybe it's a big chair. Or little people.


It might be impossible to do, but you can still say it incorrectly.


Why is this one sitting v sit? There is usually that helper verb or it isn’t the ‘ing’ tense.


In Hindi, sitting is an state/adjective, not a verb.


Yeah, I would think sitting would be bait rahe hai or something like that


That form is reserved for the action of sitting down, not when you are already sitting according to a native speaker I asked :)


In the variety of English that I grew up speaking, we sit in chairs, but the course won't accept that as correct.

(To sit on a chair is wrong in my English, but it's probably correct for someone. It shouldn't be the only accepted answer, though. )


Either this is weird or chair should be plural


Yes it should be we sit on the chair, not we are sitting on the chair like mmarnee said. (Checked with native speaker )


How do I punch in the symbols for the word कुर्सी? I can only get it as a prefix word. I use the Hindi keyboard on my phone. Thanks!


क ु र ् स ी


Baithe translates to seated not sitting, right? As in 'we are seated' as opposed to 'we are sitting'


Aren't translations supposed to be logical in both languages unless the source phrase is illogical? What chair in the world holds two people? By definition a chair is for one person otherwise it is a bench.


The idea of creating illogical phases is not to get away with memorization of phrases, rather using the words correctly and creating any sentence you wish.


We are sitting on the chair


mare one mere ek bhi dost Nahin hai


Between We are sitting on the chair Pronouns


Pronouns are I am wood but How we will do We are sitting on the chair but how we will do a wonderful


i am having trouble with distinguishing between.....we are sitting on the chair and We sit on the chair.....which is what i corrected my answer to, as in previous examples, i was told that if you are not actually " doing" the act of sitting, you have to say ....we sit on the chair. I am very confused!!!


Use of ing with verb is only for continuous tenses like ਬੈਠ ਰਹੇ ਹੈ Not for ਬੈਠੇ ਹੈ I got cofused in this sentence please app organiser answer my question


We are sttting on the chairs.


We? Perhaps it should be "we sit on chairs"


I might say, "We are seated... " and though it mentions just kursi or a chair, it would translate better as "We are seated on chairs"


How many people are sitting on the chair?

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