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  5. "Qur ghajbe' 'otlh."

"Qur ghajbe' 'otlh."

Translation:A photon has no structure.

August 27, 2018



Just in case the contributors are not aware of this: Mouseover exclusively provide hints for qur, i.e. versions of to be greedy. Don't know if you can do anything about it.


We are aware of it (see point 1e under https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26778885 ) and we can't do anything about it, unfortunately.


Sorry, I'm an idiot.


Hey! Don't talk about yourself that way! I heard that if you talk about yourself that way that you will start to believe it and that you should go look in the mirror and say "I love myself" a bunch of times until it doesn't feel weird to say it.


I oppose any kind of corporal punishment.


In that case, you had better be very careful when you visit the homeworld.


That is such an absolutist stance. Can't we all just meet in the middle, cut the baby in half? I call dibs on the half without the diaper.


I think my self-esteem can take the blow of me acknowledging that I've screwed up.


In that case a light slap in the face to really teach yourself a lesson?


I have a question about ghaj. I thought that it was restricted to literal cases of possessing a tangible item and is not used in the abstract sense of having a quality that is not tangible. I don't know. Maybe I am confusing that with some other restriction about ghaj. I just remember there being some use for ghaj that English allows but Klingon does not.

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