"Sekolah saya menghadap pasar."

Translation:My school is facing a market.

August 27, 2018

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"My school faces a/the market" rather than "is facing".


My school is opposite to the market. Rejected.


Maybe it could be opposite to/from the market but still face it backwards? Either way, I think your sentence does not express the same meaning.


Is there a big difference between menghadap and di depan.


Posible translation: My school is in front of the market.
Or it should be written as: Sekolah saya di depan pasar.


dudes ı have a very simple question what the hell is mean face ı dont know even english and ı trying to learn english to indonesian :(

[deactivated user]

    In this case, it means that the school is opposite a market, for instance on different sides of a street.


    I think, additionally, it should face the market - as in the entrance of the school should be on the street where the market is. 'Opposite' does not put any constraint on the way the school is oriented relative to the market.


    after 4 months ı am asking myself how do ı cant know this


    "Facing" is the same as "opposite" in normal everyday English. They both mean that the two places are across a street from each other at the same place on the street.

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