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  5. "Saya dan dia kaya."

"Saya dan dia kaya."

Translation:He and I are rich.

August 27, 2018



My problem with this is that the Indonesion order is "I" and "HE" but the so-called correct answer in English is the reverse.


I thik its bc "i and he" is a wrong way to say it but "he and i" is the correct grammer therefore when translating to english it gets reversed


In English, the pronoun "I" has to be put in the last position, but it is flexible in Indonesian.

Indonesian: "Saya dan ia" or "Ia dan saya". English: "He and I" (not "I and he").


This is right. No matter you want to say "dia dan saya or saya dan dia" it will be correct in Indonesian


"I and he are rich." = also accepted as a correct answer.


Thank you, yes it should be. It really does not translate as "he and I". Perhaps the DuoLingo guys are teaching us the mores of English where it is more polite to refer to the other part before oneself, and this does not apply in Indonesian....?


This phrase has the same error as I cited in the discussion "Aku dan kamu.". When you say "Saya dan dia", the literal translation is "Me and him/her". Not "He/She and I" because that would be backwards. Again, if I am wrong, please do not hesitate to correct me. If I am correct however, please let the creators/editors see this so the error may be fixed. Terimakasih!


The pronunciation is slightly odd. It's not "di-a"...it's "di-ya"


Could you also have "Me and her are rich?" I imagine there can be quite a lot of correct possible translations to this in English


In my opinion, me and her is incorrect English. He and I...... is correct. You wouldn't say: 'Me am happy', would you?


Yes it can thats what i put and it showed as correct


This may show as being correct but it is not correct English


It would be incorrect grammar to use the object pronouns "me" and "her" in the subject place of the sentence. The subject pronouns "I" and "she" are required in English. As for the order of the pronouns, the correct order would place "I" closer to the verb ("are"), so the order should be "She and I are rich."


"Me and her are rich" should be accepted?


I answered "saya dan ia kaya" and it said I had a typo. Can anyone explain why dia is better than ia here?


"Ia" means she, but "Dia" means either she or he. In Indonesia, it is informal to use "Dia", while "Ia" is more formal.


Should this not be: Me and him are rich.?

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