"Saya tidak suka makan sup."

Translation:I do not like to eat soup.

August 27, 2018

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My one comment is that this doesn't translate well. English speakers generally don't say "eat soup" but would more normally say "I don't like soup" with its eating being implied.

English doesn't have a good verb for consuming liquid-based food that we are not drinking, other than the ironically-unrelated, but more general, verb, 'to sup.' This is becoming an outdated word for consuming food and is the base of the noun "supper" meaning a meal in the evening ("dinner," from 'to dine,' is actually a broad-based regionalism, doesn't always equal "makan malam," and was synonymous with "lunch" where I was born).


I'd wish that translations such as "I do not like soup" or "I do not like to have soup" were marked correct. Though they aren't technically the word to word translation, "terima kasih" and "sama-sama" have got general paraphrases for their answers, so why not do the same for this one.


Why is this "Tidak" instead of "Bukan" ? Since I learn Indonesian (3 days ago) I always see "Tidak" to answer a yes/no question, never as "not"


My understanding (as a low-level beginner) is that "tidak" is used to negate verbs and "bukan" is used as a negative with nouns.


Bukan saya yang tidak suka sup!


Yeah this explains bukan/tidak well. “It’s not me who does not like soup.” English uses “not” in both places but Indonesian uses “bukan” to negate the noun “saya” but “tidak” to negate the verb “suka”.


Please have a look here :

Negation: Tidak, bukan, jangan, belum, Tips & Notes, Addendum.


Bukan, in my experience at least, is often used as a retort. So for example if you were just saying that you didn't like soup out of the blue or something, you'd just say 'Saya tidak suka sup,' but if someone said that you liked soup you'd say 'Saya bukan suka sup,' though both bukan and tidak are generally acceptable in both situations.


I wrote i dislike eating soup but it was wrong? um???


The abbreviation "I don't" should be accepted


Heeee is a little explanation


Why is it incorrect to translate with the definite article “I don’t like to eat THE soup”?? How would be the Indonesian sentence then? Thanks.


Why is it incorrect to translate with the definite article “I don’t like to eat THE soup”?? How would be the Indonesian sentence then? Thanks.

It's probabbly incorrect to use the article "the", because the Indonesian sentence has the meaning "I don't like soup in general."
It doesn't mean that I don't like the soup (this particular soup), but I don't like soup at all, no matter what kind of soup.

“I don’t like to eat soup” =
"Saya tidak suka makan sup."

“I don’t like to eat THE soup” =
"Saya tidak suka makan sup itu."


Never in my life have I said eat soup, nor have I heard anyone say it. Where I am, soup is drunk not eaten.

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