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"They order ten fried chickens."

Translation:Mereka pesan sepuluh ayam goreng.

August 27, 2018



The sentence I was given that links to this talk page was "Mereka memesan sepuluh ayam goreng", but here on the page itself the sentence is given as "Mereka pesan sepuluh ayam goreng". Is this a glitch, or are "memesan" and "pesan" synonyms?


This was also confusing for me. I never encountered word "memesan" in any other question. New words/synonyms should not be introduced in questions without help.


"Memesan" and "pesan" are synonym then? I was also thinking "pesan"


'Pesan' and 'memesan' are the same, except that 'memesan' is 'pesan' with the prefix 'me-'. I think you'll learn more about this and other affixes later on.


My sentence is actually correct, shows that it's correct but says it's wrong


I think that '10' should be accepted as it is accepted in the English translation. 10 is a number and is not wrong!


Apparently the mistake here is not the number 10 but "dengan" which does not mean "fried" but "with". It should have been "ayam goreng". I didn't realize it myself at first.


So.. are memesan and pesan the same?


Both can be used normally, as the root of memesan is "me-pesan"..you'll learn more later.. anyway pesan could have the meaning of "message" also instead of "order" depend on the context

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