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  5. "Mereka mau es teh."

"Mereka mau es teh."

Translation:They want iced tea.

August 27, 2018



I’ve learned that adjective (ice) that describes a noun (tea) is after the noun in Bahasa Indonesia. So it should be (teh es), correct? Just like red house would be rumah murah.


You're right, "red house" = "rumah merah" (noun + adj). Noun + adj is the general form we use. For example: teh manis (sweet tea), teh panas (hot tea)

But the expression we use for ice tea is "es teh". Why? Err, it's just it is :)


I imagine that 'ice tea' would be 'es teh,' while 'iced tea' would be 'teh es,' perhaps more accurately translated as tea that has been frozen. They both mean the same thing either way.


Especially for this word, you can say 'ES TEH or TEH ES' They are the same. Indonesian native will understand these two words. Trust me. Anyways, "RUMAH MURAH is CHEAP HOUSE" while "RED HOUSE is RUMAH MERAH"


I learned this ages ago as "teh es" Is there a difference?


The popular version should be "es teh", there are "teh es" version, but it's a regional dialect I guess


Tbh, as a native speaker I have never heard about "teh es". That sounds weird.


I'm familiar with ice as 'ais'. Or is that Malay?


So it's like teaed ice?

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