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  5. "vavDaj noymo' mIy toral."

"vavDaj noymo' mIy toral."

Translation:Toral bragged about his famous father.

August 27, 2018



Here's another sentence where causation does not equal content. vavDaj noymo' mIy toral doesn't imply that Toral is bragging about his father, only because of his father. He might be bragging about his warrior's skills after being egged on by his father to do so.


So can you (or anyone else) imagine some other way to say it?


Typically, one would state what one is bragging about.

SuvwI' po' ghaH toral vav'e' 'e' mIy toral.
Toral brags that his father is a skilled warrior.


Man, what we've got here is, "failure to communicate."


I think that's true. I'm still not understanding what your post is about. Do you have a question? Do you understand why the given Klingon does not match the English you provided?


No I do not. A little help, please?


noy is a verb of quality, or a "be" verb. It cannot take an object, but it can be used as an adjective by placing it after a noun. noy vav means "the father is famous." (a complete sentence). vav noy means "the famous father" (a noun phrase). Also, there are two different -mo' suffixes that have exactly the same meaning. One to be placed on verbs to make a sentence subordinate and one to be placed on nouns or noun phrases.

The given sentence:
vavDaj noymo' mIy toral translates as
"Because of his famous father, Toral brags." (Note that the -mo' here is the noun suffix being placed on a noun phrase.)

The Klingon version for,
"Because his father is famous, Toral brags," would be:
noymo' vavDaj, mIy toral (Note that the -mo' here is the verb suffix being placed on the verb of a subordinate sentence.)


Gee. Many thanks for answering the question that I should have asked in the first place.


Can we please have "Toral boasts" as an alternative to "Toral brags"? (I missed the chance to report because I didn't know if it simply didn't like the "because of his famous father" bit.)

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