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  5. "Kemeja cokelat."

"Kemeja cokelat."

Translation:Brown shirt.

August 27, 2018



Mmm, chocolate shirt...


What was the Indonesian word for brown before chocolate entered the region via Dutch/Portuguese traders? I'd hate to call everything 'cokelat' if it referred only to a particular shade of milk choccy.


just wondering why the spelling 'coklat' for brown is not accepted here?


well in the dictionary its spell cokelat but the pronunciation is coklat.. so nowadays we tend to spell it coklat.. same goes to isteri -> istri : wife, putera -> putra : son, puteri -> putri : daughter, karena -> karna : because, etc... i think the gov of education should change the dictionary spelling


hey thank you both, i had no idea that the spelling 'coklat' was not actually officially recognised. how fascinating! i will make better use of the kbbi dictionary now. thanks for the tip :)


"cokelat" the correct translation for "brown" according to the dictionary


People are probably misunderstanding this reply- "brownshirt" is English slang for a nazi since their footsoldiers used to wear brown.

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