Tips and notes acting up?

So I started learning Spanish on mobile about 6 weeks ago. Just today I opened the app and it showed me the "tips" option for the first time before I started my lesson. They were available for every lesson. I thought this was amazing! However a few minutes later they were all gone... It didn't off them at all (I clicked on a lesson and the only 2 options were "skip" and "start").

Confused, I searched online and found that they should be available for desktop version but not in mobile app? However I only have the option to see them for my first 2 lessons in Spanish on my desktop... (there were more than that, I saw them all when they showed up in my mobile app briefly)

So why did they appear in my mobile app so suddenly and briefly? And why can I not even see them on the desktop version? I'd really like to figure this out because I had no idea Duolingo had these pages and they are EXACTLY what Duolingo needs! Using Google chrome desktop and Android LG G6 mobile.

August 27, 2018


The EN-SP course is an exception to the usual recomendation "available on desktop" rule.

The old tree had 13 notes, the newer tree (520 lessons) only 9 html notes.

Staff's newest exclusive IOS feature (might be an A/B test if you check your offical extended user profile) is the "mobile grammar notes" for their favourite platform testing horse; it is currently not available for Android (might (hopefully) change in the future with newer app versions, but AFAIK no deadline was officially given by staff).

This is the reason that you see more notes for more skills.

However, I am not sure if EVERY skill has those "mobile grammar notes" available.

Any of those two reasons (A/B test, not available for ALL skills) might be reason of your above mobile app behaviour.

August 28, 2018

If you want to use the web desktop portal you need to learn a different language

  • English-German
  • English-Portuguese

  • English-French (but make sure you get into the second A/B tree from contributors (created ~4-5 months ago), not the newest third French tree from staff with the same problems like EN-SP)

  • etc.

August 28, 2018

Oh, Android. Didn't read it the first time.

Why don't you check your offical extended user profile for a new grammar / notes Android A/B test (experiment) and if you have got switched to the control testing group?

August 28, 2018

I see. Thank you for the information. I can only access my profile From this link Not sure why I'm on the EU version but your link (.com) doesn't work. Regardless, I can't find any info on being part of the control testing group, but I can see the 9 lessons with notes. Though I Definitely had more for that brief period they appeared on mobile. Possibly just 13 (I only clicked on a few lessons) but every lesson I clicked had notes so seems unlikely there were just 4 more... Oh well, who knows.

Thank you for the response! I just hope the notes return to mobile

August 28, 2018

.... just hope the notes return to mobile

This is the link to additional grammar "Tips and notes" for the course "Spanish for English speakers".
You can read them in the browser of your phone.
"Learning tips, Grammar and vocabulary guides and more"

August 28, 2018

Not sure why I'm on the EU version but your link (.com) doesn't work

Upps. Typo (the "s" in users was missing). I corrected it above. Try again.

August 28, 2018
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