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Offline Access

Feature Request: It would be useful if we could access the content of this site offline, or rather cache the contents.

I understand this would create certain limitations, but it would be possible to create a cache option which would cache a few lessons while the internet is up, and sync the data once internet is restored.

April 4, 2012



It would at least be nice to have an offline mode that allows practice. That way it doesn't need to contact a server for new content.

Thanks for the Duo!


Offline mode is a part of the iPhone app. Hopefully it will also be available in the upcoming Android app.


I would definitely also benefit from having this available offline. Most of the time I have internet access I'm occupied with business. Having this available offline would easily triple or quadruple my usage thereof.


i concur.. this would be a great add-on!


For those of us in New York who frequently use the subway, offline access would be fantastic. Even if I could just queue up a lesson in the morning before my commute, do it on the subway, and then sync it after, that'd be fine.


Plus 1 on this. As I've introduced the app to more people its become the #1 complaint


Number 1 excuse ;)


i am also waiting for such a feature


that would be great option...in the app as well!


would be great!


It's necessary to schools without internet connection


The program requires internet access at one point. Otherwise you would not get new content nor would you be able to contribute. Offline access would only allow temporary periods of being offline, you would still need to access the internet and sync.


can't wait!

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