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"There is a kitten in the trash can."


August 27, 2018



I put "垃圾桶里有一只猫咪". Isn't 猫咪 acceptable for kitty/kitten?


小猫咪 is the colloquial form.


There is a kitten in the trash can, and then I adopted her. 垃圾桶里有只小猫,然后我收养了她。


Why is the trash can first. If we're talking about the kitten shouldn't it be in the beginning of the sentence.


No, it is a 偏正短语 where the emphasis is at the end because of 里有.

There are five kinds: 主谓短语、动宾短语、谓补短语 or 动补短语、偏正短语、并列短语.
主谓短语 - main idea + supporting idea OR narrative order e.g. the weather is good - 天气好
动宾短语 - verb + subject affected by it
谓补短语 or 动补短语 - verb/idea + descriptor of verb, commonly using the 补语 “得”
偏正短语 - descriptor + noun/verb/adjective
并列短语 - both are of equal importance, e.g. reading and writing 阅读(和)书写

For more (or for) examples: https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/19747014
It also lists 介宾短语 but the five are the main ones, there are others besides the six as well.


The translation refers 垃圾桶里 (inside the trash can) as the subject and 一只小猫 (a cat) as the object. You can also say


which borrows the previous lesson of the tree.


The sentence is translated as ”a cat in the trash can" and is hanging and is more like ”有一只小猫在垃圾桶里“.


Almost every question (including this one) is missing some of its audio...

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