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  5. "We are drinking everything."

"We are drinking everything."

Translation:Nous buvons de tout.

March 30, 2013



No it should be "nous buvons tout." I reported the problem. You would only use "de" in a verb that requires it. (Ex. nous parlons de tout)


Dude I haven't been able to finish a lesson in days because EVERY LESSON has errors in it!!


will 'de' always proceed every verb in this instance? Je dis de tout, je mange de tout, j'apprend de tout, etc.


It should be taught to use "de" here.


Answers here are conflicting. Would someone who speaks fluent french plus confirm whether this sentence is correct. It doesn't feel correct to me but several entries have said it is correct and others that it is wrong...Thanks ALOT!


As I understand it, "tout" means we drink the beverages entirely (the whole bottle), whereas "de tout" means all types of beverages (beer, wine, cider, juice, water, ...). Both are acceptable translations.


I'm so sick of not being able to progress because of duolingo 's errors and nuances!!!

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