"Apa yang dibawa oleh suaminya?"

Translation:What is brought by her husband?

August 28, 2018

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I wrote "what was brought by his husband".... in todays World..... it should be accepted LOL


Still not accepted. What a shame!


A more natural translation in English would be "What did her husband bring?"


yes it is a good translation and a natural sentence. but it should never be an acceptable answer. why? because this is a lesson about passive voices. in this lesson, you will learn about how to construct a passive sentence in order to understand the logic of indonesian passive sentence construction. why did you complain so much about how unnatural was every single sentence here? of course the answer would always be the same, yes you proposed a very good alternative sentence and a more natural way of saying these things in daily conversation, but those should never be an acceptable answer in this lesson about passive voices.


counting "his husband" as wrong is kinda very dumb smh


This should be the present tense too! What did her husband bring?


In English we would not say that, it would be 'what did her husband bring? '


"what did her husband bring" is an English sentence "What is brought by her husband?" is the sort of construction you might get from Google Translate but an English native speaker would never speak like this


Can dibawa also be carried, or am I thinking of another word?


"membawa" can be transalted into "bring/carry"


Yes, it can mean either brought or carried.


English translation is not grammatically correct. It should "he was brought". Also we say "did bring" instead of "was brought'. I don't think we would everuse this in conversation. However i realize the sentence is supposed to teach about using the word "brought". But another sentence like. " Her husband brought salad to the party", would be more appropriate. In question form we would say. "what did her husband bring"?


I agree ...... we need to be able to translate as best we can into present tense, so on many occasions the translation does sound a little unnatural

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