"Mereka dinilai oleh siapa?"

Translation:They are judged by whom?

August 28, 2018



Can dinilai be "Valued" as in "considered important"?

August 28, 2018


i think that may be 'dihargai' - to be valued, to be appreciated, to be esteemed.

'dinilai' appears to be the actual action of making that evaluation or judgement of value or worth.

September 16, 2018


I think "considered / measured / estimated" is ok, not sure about the important part though

August 28, 2018


Yeah, it's more like valued in terms of monetary value, something quantitative rather than qualitative.

September 22, 2018


nilai is more like a rank or rating. Like grades in school, or, in this case, scores for a judged competition like gymnastics.

I heard kids saying stuff like "Saya dapat nilai jelek di rapor saya" when they got a bad grade in school.

January 23, 2019
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