I love learning this! I can now communicate a little with people at my local Japanese restaurant! Arigato!!!

August 28, 2018


hey hatsune miku i very love japanese too ;) it's the best language. I learn actually the 2136 kanjis i know ~300 of them and i started to learn them since 1 month. I started japanese with but it's for french people but you can activate the cross heading and listen the pronouciation of the japanese. :) ありがとございますまたね!

I don't know if you want it but here's a small correction of your grammar. :)

I love Japanese very much, too. I am learning the 2146 kanjis, I know ~ 300 of them and I started learning them one month ago/I've been learning them for one month.

listen [to] the pronunciation.

Oops, now I'm unsure about my own grammar...
I've started learning them one month ago
might need the simple past because "one month ago" is a specific point in time
I started learning/to learn them one month ago.

I've changed that in my post now. Could a native speaker comment which one is correct, please? :)

'To learn' would be the correct way to write that statement if you were talking about in the past, however, if you are still learning, you would say that you were still learning . For example, The boys were playing football, is a past statement, while the boys are playing football is present tense. One single word can change the whole time setting of the sentence. Hope this helped!

Thank you for your comment. I am still a bit confused, though. xD
Is this incorrect:I started learning them one month ago. and should be to learn? I am confused because the OP is presumably still learning.

And is it supposed to be simple past or does the perfect tense (have started) work too?

Both are fine. "Started to learn" and "Started learning" are the same, they both imply something you did in the past.

Both are correct in the context (way) you are using it. It wouldn't really matter, as even native speakers get confused sometimes!

Just wanted to add something, actually signifie "en fait" et pas actuellement qui est dit "currently" ;) "I am learning" suffit vu que la forme be+ing represente déjà le sens de "en train de" mais si tu veux amplifier l'effet je pense que "I am currently learning" est plus juste.

Ah, a typical mistake that German speakers also make. :) aktuell = currently

"I also love Japanese." or "I really love Japanese too." is probably the best way to say it. "Very much, too" doesn't sound right at all

Cool! I'm trying to learn Japanese because my senior trip is going to be to Japan, and I hear they don't have subtitles there (Lol). Nice profile pic by the way.

hello and i know what u mean it very easy

JackLiscos i love your profile pic

tank you i like yours too

こんにちは! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I have!

Japanese has been pretty awesome so far, but I've only started a week ago. I assume it will only get better!

you right, started 5 days ago and look at my level

I want to ask you how I can put an image on my page

I see I have found another Miku fan! Yes, Japanese is really fun and the culture is amazing too. (I may be wrong about this but I think the correct Romaji spelling of thank you is arigatou...yeah not sure)

it's a fun language to learn hey can anyone tell me where i can find mangas to read? i've always wanted to read one but to embarrassed to ask

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