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"Kita diminta pergi dari sini oleh wartawan."

Translation:We were asked to leave from here by a journalist.

August 28, 2018



To whoever is in charge of the "di-" lessons, please take this opportunity to brush up on articles in English. Almost every one of these "Correct" answers in this section is missing an "A" or a "The"


i think almost all english part has this problem. This is because Indonesian doesn't have / need the article, please report / mark the answer wrong


an English speaker would say "a journalist asked us to leave here". The answer given looks like Google translate output


Yes, but then it would not be in the passive voice. Unfortunately passives are not as used in English as much as in other languages, it seems. (although one was just being used by me in the sentence above :p)


It does not sound complete. Here it is ok if you are showing the place you were standing when asked to leave.


We dont say 'leave from somewhere' in English, just 'leave somewhere' I leave home at 9am.


Yes you can. The traffic was heavy. I left from there at 11pm and reached the house at 2am. (There implying any place)


Why is reporter not acceptable... Wartawan - reporter/ journalist according to Kamus???


It's a good answer, just hasn't been added as an alternative yet. Report it if you haven't already.

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