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"Andi tampan ketika memakai kaus kuning terang."

Translation:Andi is handsome when he is wearing a bright yellow t-shirt.

August 28, 2018



"Andi is handsome when wearing a bright yellow t-shirt" should be acceptable.


yeah that is what I think too. Program is too strict sometimes


Agree - I have just reported it again


I'm not a native English speaker, so maybe I'm wrong about this, but to me the translation should be Andi LOOKS handsome when he wears [...]. If Andi IS handsome, it doesn't depend on what he is wearing.


The clothes make the man


This app is barely usable now with the male voice... I have gone from learning every day to twice a week due to this.. I wish I never updated


Mik2645 - I agree . A number of my family members use this course and we all agree the new male speaker is very difficult to understand.


this is my translation : andi is handsome when he wears that bright yellow shirt


Seriously it's impossible to understand what he's saying...


I’m so glad it’s not just me - although I’m sure it is in part, being a beginner. I wonder is this standard pronunciation, with, as far as I can detect, a lot of apparently silent letters.


No it is not just you - the new male audio is very, very difficult to understand. It would be great if the previous audio speaker was brought back


Kaus does NOT exclusively mean T-shirt. "Andi is handsome when wearing a bright yellow shirt" is acceptable.


Perhaps "andi is handsome when he wears his bright yellow tshirt" should be acceptable - it was only complaining about "t-shirt" vs "tshirt". If I was typing a letter to the queen I'd use t-shirt, but whilst bashing through some lessons at speed, I think tshirt is sufficient!

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