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  5. "Píšeš tou novou tužkou?"

"Píšeš tou novou tužkou?"

Translation:Are you writing with the new pencil?

August 28, 2018



Tužka can also mean ballpoint pen. If you want only pencil, you should use obyčejná tužka


Nope. A ballpoint pen is propisovací tužka (colloquially propiska) or kuličkové pero. Certainly not just tužka. If someone is being non-specific, they can perhaps say tužka in general, to mean any kind of writing instrument, but as a translation it is incorrect.


can't it be are you writing with this new pencil?


This course, at least currently, makes a consistent distinction

this - touto, touhle, touhletou
that - tou, tamtou, tamhletou

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