"Wamepika wali"

Translation:They have cooked rice

August 28, 2018



So English phrase "They have cooked rice" can be translated as "wanakuwa na ugali" and "Wamepika wali", depends on meaning?)

August 28, 2018


ugali is not rice. 'Wanakuwa na ugali' is a bit of an odd sentence. It would translate to 'they are with ugali/they are being with ugali'. 'Wamepika wali' is pretty much the only translation of 'they have cooked rice'

August 28, 2018


I think ArtyomKalt meant "Wana wali"

Wana wali. = They have (got) (cooked) rice.
Wamepika wali. = They have cooked (the/some) rice.

August 29, 2018

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