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  5. "दो दाँत"

"दो दाँत"

Translation:Two teeth

August 28, 2018



Is the plural of tooth the same as singular in hindi? prob could just google this....


In the direct case, yes. All masculine nouns that end in a consonant have the same form in singular and plural as long as the case is direct.


दाँत should be related to word dental


Indeed it is. In fact Hindi दाँत derives from Sanskrit दन्त, which is even closer to Latin dent, the origin of dental.


i love phrases like this that so strongly exemplify the shared indoeuropean DNA of Hindi and its cousins. Say this phrase in any romance language and it's pretty much mutually intelligible, in this case the french translation is jaw-droppingly similar: Deux dents!


In one sentence there said "mere pair ke anguthe chote hain" why is that pair and not pairon?

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