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"Neha is sleeping on the floor."

Translation:नेहा ज़मीन पर सो रही है।

August 28, 2018



Could ज़मीन पर नेहा सो रही है be correct?


That would mean "On the floor, Neha is sleeping".


I was surprized that ज़मीन पर नेहा सो रही है was not accepted.

If we compare it to this other sentence, "A pigeon is sitting on the window." (which they translated as खिड़की पर कबूतर बैठा है।) I think they have the same structure in English. I don't quite understand why the sentence structure should differ in Hindi?

Does it have anything to do with Neha being a person?

Please help me out!


Also, कबूतर खिड़की पर बैठा है was appearently an acceptable translation to "A pigeon is sitting on the window" as well. This has the same structure as नेहा ज़मीन पर सो रही है

How is it that the sentence with the pigeon can be written either way, while this with Neha can't?


I also want to know why "on the floor Neha is sleeping" is not correct


Because that has a different emphasis. It emphasizes that whatever happens, happens on the floor. Therefore in your sentence “on the floor” would come before “Neha” even in Hindi.

See @guigarfr and @Zesul s comments.

On the floor Neha is sleeping = ज़मीन पर नेहा सो रही है



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