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"Nada es más importante que la amistad."

Translation:Nothing is more important than friendship.

May 4, 2014



Friendship is Magic.



Dear princess Celestia... Today I learned what is the magic of friendship.


No one has love greater than this, that someone should surrender his life in behalf of his friends. John 15:13 (la Biblia)


Thank you, I have corrected my post.

I gave you a lingot.


You can have a lingot for this truth!


Family. I'd definitely put family as more important than any friendship. Blood is thicker than water.


That's actually a twisted version of the actual quote, "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." Which actually has the exact opposite meaning of what people think it means. (The bonds you form by choice are more important than the ones you're forced into by birth. This especially holds true if you're from an abusive household, which makes sense when you consider the fact that many abusive parents like to use the twisted version far too often.)


"actually has the exact opposite meaning of what people think it means"

When one person says a phrase to another, and the latter gets the same idea which the former wanted to pass - that idea is probably the meaning of the phrase. That's how the language works.

People who use that 'blood is thickier than water' (and, as I said, a surprisingly similar idiom of the folk origin in Russian) - they give it a meaning, not dictionaries of any kind. Any "actually has the exact opposite meaning of what people think it means" is wrong, because everything means what people think it means when it comes to the language.

Yeah, one more shot in that neverending prescriptivism vs descriptivism holy war. I guess it's funny when these things are said in a broken English of a foreigner.

Although, I agree with you on the rest of your message completely. The bonds we choose to have are stronger and, well, better for us.


Does English has that idiom also cause that sound so much like what we say in China, like literally.


"Кровь не водица", "blood is not water" here in Russia. It's so weird when people from such different cultures come up with the same idioms.


In Tanzania too! We have the same idiom :-)


Same in Italy! "Il sangue non è acqua".


Es bueno a mentener el contacto, pero tambien, la amistad es necesario entre la familia. ... A veces, la familia roba el uno del otro ...


Puts quite a different spin on the name of the Slave ship "Amistad"


Apparently swimming is not more important than friendship (I had to try!)


One letter can change the whole meaning:

Nada = Nothing

Nadar = Swimming


How do you know when nada means anything and when it means nothing?


'Nada' always means 'nothing', it's only used in negative constructions. Some of these constructions (those who have the double negative) happen to have word 'anything' when translated to English.

"No pude hacer nada" may be translated as "I couldn't do anything", but the actual meaning is "there was nothing I could do". Nada = nothing.


Here it is again: la amistad= friendship (not "the friendship"')


Good for you, buddy.


The translation here says amistad=friends, but friends is not accepted as a valid answer


What happened to the rule about not using "la" before a noun starting in "a" (albeit it remains feminine? Ex: el agua


The rule is still there, but it only affects nouns that begin with a tonic a syllable sound. For instance: agua, águila, ala, hada all use el, but amistad, abeja, alacena, agüita (diminutive of agua) all use la because the first a sound is not tonic. Also, notice that this rule only applies to nouns, not adjectives, and there are a few exceptions.


very helpful. Thanks


Well, ditto that!


Somos de acuerdo, amigo!


dear princess twilight sparkle,some times all we need to do is show a little kindness


Exactly what I wrote and it was marked wrong.

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