"Dia menjual gaun."

Translation:She sells dresses.

August 28, 2018

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Just to check, is there any reason it can't be 'She sells a dress'?


Yes, isn't dressES in plural supposed to be guan-guan?


A noun written one time can be singular or plural. For example, "kucing" can be "cat" or "cats", depending on context. Reduplication is only for when you want to make it explicit that the word is plural.


It is possible but to make it more clear: "Dia menjual sebuah gaun." is more precise in saying "He/she sells a dress". "Sebuah" is used to refer to a single item.


This is a good point of clarification, but at this point in the course, I don't think that the word "buah" has been introduced yet, even just as a general word for "fruit," so using sebuah this way may have to wait until further along in the tree. (Heh heh... "further along in the tree" .... See what I did there?) ,

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