"Pasangan itu adalah paman dan tante saya."

Translation:That couple is my uncle and my aunt.

August 28, 2018

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In English it is awkward to say "my uncle and my aunt" . Try "my uncle and aunt" as an option. It is less redundant and more appropriate for the translation.


More common in English " That couple is my aunt and uncle."


Be consistent about the choice of words. It's either paman dan bibi or om dan tante.


First, the Indonesian sentence only used saya 1 time. Second, in english, you would say it in reverse order (ladies first, English tradition). Finally, in English you would say the whole phrase twice, if they were NOT a couple, like if they were your mother's sister and your father's brother. Then you would say, "This is my aunt, and this is my uncle."


It should be "paman dan bibi saya".


That couple is my uncle and my aunty.

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