"Seseorang yang baik."

Translation:Someone good.

August 28, 2018

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Seseorang yang baik.
Meaning: Someone good.

A good person = should be accepted as well I think.

'Someone good' , is that something you would say in English?
It sounds strange to me.


Two years have passed since @Rick392366's comment, but the default English translation remains the same as of Feb 2021... "Someone good" sounds like an awkward machine translation. I usually prefer word-for-word translations if they are necessary for a learning purpose. And I validate the quality of translation as a pair of sentences in English and Indonesian. From "a good person", I can translation as "seseorang yang baik", but from "someone good", I can't.


A good person would be, Seorang baik. Not sure why the use of yang.


Because baik is the adjective of "orang"(person/people). Without "yang", seorang should be followed by a noun


Bagus is more good and baik nice


No. The difference between "bagus" and "baik" is not the degree of goodness.

  • Baik for: Human beings or animals' inner quality; or Situations & relationships

  • Bagus for: The quality of inanimate objects or intangible things

For more information and sample sentences, please take a look at this article.

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