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"Tamhleti vlci žerou jeho krávu."

Translation:Those wolves are eating his cow.

August 28, 2018



I get that "are eating" would sound better, but usually for this kind of sentences, just "eat" is accepted too, why not here ? Is it due to the context ?


"Those wolves eat his cow" sounds a little odd, though as a sentences it's not grammatically incorrect. However, that construction suggests that those wolves eat his cow on a regular or repeated basis... kind of an unlikely scenario. Poor cow. :-(


Hahaha, you're right, it does sound odd if you think it this way. I'm actually French so there are some English subtelties which I'm not so familiar with, like this one. Anyway, it does make sense, thank you


I know a guy, whose neighbour has cows, and almost each year some wolves (under protection) come and kill, at least one, of the cows. So, eating cows by those wolves can be a repeated event.


Poor cows, aren't they also under protection?

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