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  5. "Ini ayam saya."

"Ini ayam saya."

Translation:This is my chicken.

August 28, 2018



Why "It is my chicken" wouldn't be ok?????????????????????????????????????????


Hai! Perhaps your sentence needs to be added to the alternative translations. So, please report it.

More translations can be added, depending on the exercise, being in Indonesian like this or the reversed sentence.

For example, "It is my chicken." can be translated as:

Ini ayam saya. / Ini adalah ayam saya. (These are the same for "This is my chicken.")

Itu ayam saya. / Itu adalah ayam saya. (These are the same for "That is my chicken.")

Also, "ayah saya" could be changed as "ayamku".

I hope all the possibilities can be added soon.

Selamat belajar! :)


I just started learning indonesia but "ini" means "this". So i think that it is important to include that.


Is "Ayam ini saya" "This chicken is mine"?


No, "ayam ini saya" is "this chicken is me". If you mean "this chicken is mine", it would be "ayam ini punya saya" or "ayam ini milikku"


Can it be "This chicken is mine."?


I wrote "This chicken is mine."......I am wrong. Duolingo should add this to the alternate solutions list.

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