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"I should not have gone there."

Translation:Neměla jsem tam jezdit.

August 28, 2018



Isn't the given answer more like "I was not supposed to go there"? I should not = Neměl/a bych


No. The past English modals are different from the present ones.


What conjugation of jezdit is used in this sentence?


Conjugation? It is the infinitive.


Since jezdit is for repeated actions, might this sentence be saying "I should not have made a habit of going there?"


The translation of "I should not have gone there" can use any of the four "jít/jet/chodit/jezdit". In case of "chodit/jezdit", it could refer to going there repeatedly, but not necessarily - here, in combination with "neměl(-a) jsem", it can even be a single occurrence - a quirk of the language, I'm afraid. "Chodit/jezdit" are more likely in this context than "jít/jet". But the sense is a bit more like "I should have never gone there" or "I shouldn't have gone there at all" - although again, not necessarily. Even if we add "včera" (yesterday) and we really mean just one action of going somewhere, we can still use all four verbs with "neměl(-a) jsem".

This weird behaviour is only true for the negative "neměl(-a) jsem". In the positive, e.g. "Měl jsem tam včera jít/jet" (I should've gone there yesterday), the normal rules apply and we cannot use "chodit/jezdit" unless we really mean going back and forth repeatedly.

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