"Tidak ada beruang kaya di abad ini."

Translation:There is no rich bear in this century.

August 28, 2018

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Whereas they were common in the past?


it's a pun, "Beruang" can have double meaning:

Beruang => Bear
Ber-uang (prefix "ber") => Have money


moment of enlightenment...


I was thinking "What the...??" Thanks for enlightening us! I love puns


My dictionary also confirmed 1CN5ijzC's explanation. "Uang" (noun) means "money" and beruang is a double entendre.

Here is my way to memorize "beruang". "Bear" in English is also a double entendre in the financial industry. "Bear" and "Bull" imply plunge and rise in stock price because the ways they attack enemies with claws and hones look like the shape of a stock price chart. So, "bear" functions as an antonym in English-speaking countries and in Indonesia.


For those who understand stocks, that is really really cool!!!! Thank you. I love it when idioms and other turns of phrase cross cultural lines.


Why is wealthy incorrect?


Well said @tattyshax


There is not a rich bear in this century should have been accepted. They mean the same. Your comments about a bull-ish stock market and ber-uang were awesome! Love the idioms, early bird gets the worm, first bear gets the apple. Was that a bear also? Love it!

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