August 28, 2018



In the clues to the word it says "marry (to become wife of)", is it also to become a husband of (a general word for "marry", like in English) or is it specifically for a woman marrying and differs from a man marrying (like in Russian)?


No, it's a different word for "become husband of": {Saw} I didn't know that was also the case for an Earth language - I never got very far with Russian...


Thank you :)

Yes, it is not very common it seems, but russian also has it - to become a husband of is "женится" (jenitsa) while to become a wife of is "выйти замуж" (viyti zamuj) :)


There's also a gender neutral word: tlhogh, but it seems like it is used less and the gender specific ones are more common.


This came up in the "family" lesson. The word tiles only showed the solution for the letter n, although the hover translation included "marry / become wife of". I think maybe in this context, "marry" should also have been among the word tiles.


When I used they keyboard, "marry" was accepted, so I think the issue is just with the word tile selection.


Right. And we have no control over the word tiles. They are generated automatically by the software.


So, does there a klingon word for "the letter n" exist?


Yes. The name for the Klingon letter n is nay. By cooincidence, the word nay is also used to mean the wife's part in getting married.


Yeah every letter exsist it n would be nay


why is this in the "SOUINDS" quiz where the letter n is the logical response?


It looks like the creation of the word got messed up in the creation of the course. There should be two separate words nay. And while they both should have all the same alternative translations, the best translation should be different for the two. However, it seems they got combined in the system and there is only one word nay in the system and it is trying to be both words at once. I can't find any way to tell it to only be one of the words. It insists on being both or neither. It still appears in some sentences (meaning only "to marry"), but it no longer appears as a single word exercise.

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