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  5. "jIpaw, jIlegh, jIchargh."

"jIpaw, jIlegh, jIchargh."

Translation:I arrived, I saw, I conquered.

August 28, 2018



If ever there was a clear case of needing perfective, this is it. There is no appeal to imperfect verbs here. Everyone knows what this phrase means.

jIpawta', jIleghta', jIchargh rIntaH.


David, that is a truly beautiful expression. Unfortunately Duolingo would force that into a very awkward perfective in English: "I had arrived, I had seen, and I have irrevocably conquered". ;-D


Reading Caesar in the original Klingon, I see.


Shouldn't present tense be allowed?


Yes. Present tense is also accepted.


It didn't accept "I arrive ..."


You have to type in the whole translation. Do you have a screen shot of what you typed?


I don't have a screenshot. I didn't type, but "arrive" was one of the word options. I think the other two were past tense, so it was probably:

I arrive, I saw, I conquered


Thank you. That extra information was helpful. I don't much like the idea of putting some of the verbs in a different tense without some indication that the tense changes. I'll give some thoughts to it, but I'm inclined to continue to only accept translations where all three verbs are in the same tense.


If that's the case, I would recommend not giving the present tense option to the level one users, or giving all three present tense options to the level one users.


I agree with that idea. It seems to be marked not to show them. Somehow it does anyway. I can't find a way to stop it. I'll ask the staff if this is a bug or if there's any way to prevent it.

Also, I don't know why the sentence discussions do this stupid thing of not showing you a reply button until you have already posted your reply to an earlier message in the thread.


This is really at jdmcowan, but there's no link for me to comment directly on his post.

I think an argument could be made for mixed tense, though I'm not sure the I arrive, I saw, I conquered makes sense. But "I arrived, I see, I will conquer" makes perfect sense.

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