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  5. "vIl'a' QuchlIj? ghobe'. Hab."

"vIl'a' QuchlIj? ghobe'. Hab."

Translation:Is your forehead ridgy? No. It is smooth.

August 28, 2018



So would a ridge be {wa' vIl}?


vIl is a verb meaning be ridgy. A raised ridge pattern is Su'nIm. There is a noun vIl, but it is unrelated and means hanger-on, something that is "just there."

Klingon has no articles a, an, or the. You can't say a * by putting a wa' in front of it. That means one ,* which is not the same thing.

So far as I know, we don't have a word meaning a single ridge.


My notes say that vIlHom is a single ridge an that this meaning was revealed at qep'a' 2009.


That doesn't seem to be on the New Words List, though it sounds familiar. I'll ask on the mailing list.


What is this qep'a' and mailing list of which you speak?


Are we counting ridges? Is this like seeing who can pee farther? These contests never involve anything that I can compete in. What about a stinkiest armpit contest? I will own all you biatches.


'I'lIj He'So' law' 'I'wIj He'So' puS!

'I'lIj He'So' law' Hoch He'So' puS!


teH mu'tlhegh wa'dich. tlhos teH mu'tlhegh cha'dich. lorbe'wij 'i' He'So' law' Hoch He'So' pus.


Insomuch as a doctor might say 'you need stitches on one ridge' and for thread mayhaps this far west we switch (a/one) often, me culpa.

(Replacement Proverb here)


In Klingon culture, is it insulting to have a smooth forehead?

(Hab SoSlI' Quch!) <--- Referring to this powerful insult.

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