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20 Hours of Indonesian - A Review

So I’ve done 20 hours of Indonesian, and this is my review of the course so far. I’ve got up to Direction and I’ve really enjoyed the course. I think it teaches Indonesian well, and I like how many verbs, adjectives and adverbs it teaches.

I think it could do with improving some of the English translations, but we’re here to learn Indonesian, not English. I assume it’s simply because of the simplicity of Indonesian. I think it could also do with some more Tips & Notes which seem to be more spaced out after the 1st checkpoint.

Apart from that, I think it’s a great course and I’m looking forward to using some of the Indonesian I’ve learnt when I visit Indonesia. Can’t wait to see it released on mobile, get out of beta, and become the best course teaching Indonesian that it can be!

Thank you so much to the Indonesian contributors for making this course!

August 28, 2018



Completely agree

The English translation are the only real weak point as some of them are grammatically incorrect or confusing as to the context of the Indonesian sentence but he community is actively giving great feedback on all the ones that need correction so hopefully that's sorted soon.

I suppose it could more actively use a little more audio in some places particularly in the earlier segments as it feels like there are large sections with text only not audio (and it helps to hear some things such as the word Newspaper in Bahasa being Koran was bit confusing until I heard it spoken thought it was the said the same way as Qu'ran as we use the spelling Koran in English interchangibly with Qu'ran and Quran) but that's largely more personal opinion. :)

Overall its a great course already great work guys!


I totally agree with you. I was amazed by how easy it is!! Of course, it needs some improvement but if we give feedback as a community, it will become perfect in no time.


Indonesian Tree is now on mobile apps! :D


The English translations will improve over time. This is a very new course. Keep reporting missing translations, so the contributors can add them :)


For such a well-funded company, and for how much duolingo plus costs, I donʻt understand why Duolingo doesnʻt provide a faster process of review/editing/updating by native speakers of both languages. Mistakes or awkward sentences are reported and arenʻt corrected for months if at all.


I am glad that Indonesian is available on duolingo and now that I am past checkpoint 3, I have the feeling that it has adequate content for a beginners course.

The gap in quality compared to other languages is however a bit disappointing considering that learning Indonesian from English is supposed to be very straightforward (as opposed to Mandarin, Arabic or Russian). At times the english is so bad that it really makes me question the quality and accuracy of the Indonesian part. It does not help that the indonesian part isn't always consistent with the level of formality and selection of vocabulary, which I tend to find confusing.

Also, the actual selection of sentences is sometimes puzzling. There are those sentences that are pedagogically confusing when introducing new vocabulary (e.g. huruf for "letter of the alphabet" in a context where most would think of writing a letter/missive). There are those sentences that are long, meaningless and not applicable to any circumstances, to the point that it sometimes looks like a truly random selection of words.

All of these issues needs some attention because besides the distraction, it really doesn't help keeping a high level of motivation over time. All in all, I might finish the Indonesian course on Duolingo, but I have already started looking into alternatives because I find it hard to stay motivated with this specific Duolingo course.


Was impressed when I started but as I progressed I have found it too easy. Having finished all sections I wish it was more complicated.

The points about English grammar or translations are true. It is hard to trust the Indonesia side when the English has so many errors.

I have tried some higher levels and things just seem to repeat more. Not sure to continue with Duolingo or go my own way.

I hope Duolingo tries adding some more difficulty in future...


I have 345 crowns and according to Duolingo I have mastered the skill tree. My remarks: a) I still have the feeling I scratched the surface here. Many of the words in Indonesian songs I still have never had in the duolingo course. Will there be more lessons to be had? b) There are some weird translated sentences which I don't think one will ever say in daily life. Example: "Ini gol yang membawa tim mereka menjadi juara, translated" as "This is the goal that brings their team to be the champion". Although I am not a native speaker in Indonesian nor English I would still translate it different such as: "This is the goal that made their team (the) Champions".

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