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  5. "I did not drink anything."

"I did not drink anything."

Translation:मैंने कुछ नहीं पिया।

August 29, 2018



I don't understand the use of या here. I thought it is used to denote past tense but in some sentences, it is not used and some like here it is used. Can someone clarify it for me?


The letter या is added to the root verbs which don't end in consonant sound but in end in vowel sound as in आ, ई, etc. For Eg: The infinitive verb खाना ends in vowel sound so या is added to its past tense as खाया (for masc. singular). Another one example, let's take बोलना which ends in consonant sound (ल ) thus its past tense will be बोला (for masc. singular). Hope mine clarifies yours.


In last sentence you use the word "pi" and you explain that there is "ne" so need not to use "ya". But in this sentence when I try like you said by using only "pi" then i got wrong answer. Im not quite to understand this. Sorry to write in roman coz i dont have devanagiri script.


पीना seems to also be an irregular verb: in the feminine it is conjugated as पी (for the feminine objects चाय and शराब in this lesson). In this sentence, कुछ is considered masculine, thus पिया।

In the past, transitive verbs agree with the object, not the subject.


As you look at the translation here it says " i Did not drink anything " Did is the 2nd form of Do so it is somehow a past tense
Hope it helps


In some sentences the verb is "pi" sometimes "piya" i dont understand the difference. Can someone explain please?


I think पी is feminine and पिया is masculine


Pi is the mul shabd(main word) Ya is the prattya(suffix) added to Pi

Now, I hope you'll get it


This chapter is the most difficult, it is good to put it at the end... Some explanation are needed...


Kuch nhi is masculine :) /


Can somebody explain when I have to use पिया and when पी?

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