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  5. "Are the big dogs mine?"

"Are the big dogs mine?"

Translation:Jsou ti velcí psi moji?

August 29, 2018



why do we need 'ti' ?- I thought in czech a definite article ('the') wasn't necessary unless for emphasis


there is no need for ti, which would mean those dogs. Please explain.


Why is: Jsou ti velcí psi mé wrong? I am reporting it


Yes, wrong. Mé is neuter singular.


What is wrong with: Jsou moji ti velci psi? Is it just that I forgot the accent on velcí or is the word order wrong?


It is actually possible. Most likely when you ask which dogs from several groups of dogs are yours.

Jsou moji ti VELCÍ psi? Are the BIG dogs mine?

Or when you ask whether the big dogs are the thing that belongs to you as other things around go to someone else.

Are the BIG DOGS mine? Jsou moji ti velcí psi? (Are the big dogs the thing that was selected for me?)

If you just whether the big dogs are yours or not it is better to put moji at the end. It would also be possible with tour order, but only with a special intonation.


Thank you. I'm struggling to wrap my head around so many things at once. The answers in this discussion are very helpful, even when I don't fully understand them. It's coming, little by little.


"vlcí psi jsou moji" shouldn't have done that?


Velcí psi jsou moji? could mean "Are the big dogs mine?"

vlci are wolves


: ) haven't realized the missing "e", sorry. : )


Would "Velcí psi jsou moji" be correct?

Because it wasn't accepted.


I added it. It will only work in some specific context, though. But that is true about most translations.

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