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  5. "Sep DaDabbogh yIngu'!"

"Sep DaDabbogh yIngu'!"

Translation:Identify the country which you inhabit!

August 29, 2018



I can see how this sentence works given that Dab is a transitive verb, the object of which is the place inhabited, but I have been wondering how you might say something like Identify the office where you work.

Can you say yaH Davumbogh yIngu'?


No. This falls afoul of what is known as the Ship In Which I Fled Problem. This kind of relative clause is impossible in Klingon; you can only build relative clauses where the head noun is either the subject or the object of clause.



Hmm....so to say Identify the office where you work!, do we say something like yaH yIngu', pa' bIvum (literally, Identify the office, you work there!).


This is probably a poor example, because I'd just say yaHlIj yIngu'.

If I wanted to say, for instance, Identify the ship on which you fled, I might render it DujDaq bIHaw'pu'. Dujvetlh yIngu'. You fled on a ship. Identify that ship!

But it's not a formula to obey, so different situations might call for different arrangements of the pieces.


Another possibility might be to avoid relative clauses altogether: Haw'meH DujlIj yIngu'! Identify your getaway ship!

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