"Menantu saya yang cantik dan tinggi."

Translation:My daughter-in-law is the beautiful and tall one.

August 29, 2018



In English it is enough to say, 'my daughter in law is beautiful and tall

September 7, 2018


I don't think the meaning would be the same, because to me, this one means you are looking at a bunch of women and saying which one is yours. I was going to say, however, that in English, we wouldn't use the "and." We would say, " My daughter is the beautiful, tall one" (or, more probably, "My daughter is the tall, beautiful one").

October 2, 2018



February 17, 2019


In English it would be more natural to put the longer adjective at the end ("tall and beautiful" rather than "beautiful and tall")

October 8, 2018


menantu can be son in law also and he can be handsome and tall? why it is wrong?

January 17, 2019


Minor error, the correct response shows as '...the beautiful and tall 1'

August 29, 2018


So when do we use "yang"?

September 23, 2018


To specify something. e.g. "that is", "which is", "who is", "is the one that is", etc... "Kucing yang kecil" - the cat that is small. "Perempuan yang cantik" - the girl who is pretty. "Siapa yang mau nasi?" - "Who is the one that wants rice?" "Makanan yang manis" - the food that is sweet (rather than "makanan manis" - sweet food".

So, to try to fit "yang" into some English examples:

"I wanted the one yang red".

"I like the cat yang small."

"I don't want yang ugly."

That's my easiest explanation, but I can't think of how to phrase it less clumsily... I hope I haven't made it more confusing... >.

October 11, 2018


Seharusnya tidak menggunakan kata "yang". In bahasa, "yang" berarti "that"

Kalau yang digunakan adalah "is" itu berarti "menantu saya cantik dan tinggi" tanpa kata "yang"

January 22, 2019


Without the last word "one" Question: Which Chinaman wrote that one please. lol

April 14, 2019
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