"तुम खाते हो।"

Translation:You eat.

August 29, 2018



What's the difference between tum and Tu?

August 29, 2018


आप = very polite (Conjugates with हैं)

तुम = polite (Conjugates with हो)

तू = impolite (Conjugates with है)

August 29, 2018


I would describe it differently

आप formal/ polite

तुम informal (considered impolite if used with those who are not close friends)

तू intimate (used in romantic poetry) but also used to be deliberately rude (think you were just rear ended)

August 30, 2018


My understanding is that तू is also used when talking with children or Gods.

September 5, 2018


Yes you are correct. Lately तू and तुम are very much interchangeable and mean almost the same. In formal settings it must be आप just like vous in French or Usted in Spanish. In other words, one must use आप with strangers, older people, parents and teachers etc.

November 29, 2018


The previous sentence was "thum kathi ho"- which means you eat("you" here refers to a female) . Now it's "thum 'Kathey' ho". Meaning??

January 23, 2019


When should we use 'ho' and when should we use 'hai'

March 12, 2019


In English we use a He is/ We are/ You are/ They are/ I am. In Hindi these mostly match up with what we use in English वह है/ हम हैं/ आप हैं/ वे हैं/ मैं हुँ. है=is हैं=are हुँ=am. तुम is an exception because it matches up with हो which means “are” in this case.

March 12, 2019
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