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"Tidak ada jalan setelah palang ini."

Translation:There is no road after this cross.

August 29, 2018



Does it mean "crossing"? I'm currently not sure what the English is meant to mean


I'm not sure what it's called in English, but "Palang" is the barrier usually made from wood at crossing


Hmm I still wasn't sure what you were referring to so I looked up some images and it might be what I would call a boom gate?


Yes a boom gate :)


Yes, boom gate or boom barrier should be added to the vocabulary in this unit.


Using Google Image sometimes helps you when you encounter unnatural translations. As @8enP1jip told us, "palang" + "jalan" mean "boom gate" that can be also set in a parking lot, "railroad crossing gate" or sometimes "barricade" set between agitated demonstrators and police. "Palang Merah Indonesia" (PMI) means the Indonesian Chapter of the International Federation of Red Cross.


"There is no road beyond this barrier."


DuoLingo please correct the default English translation because it does not make sense. Please see the comments on this.


As of Feb 2021, the default translation is still "There is no road after this cross." I saw unfixed translations more frequently than in the early stage of the course. I guess many people dropped out and fewer people reported issues after the 3rd checkpoint.

I believe @glhaynes90's suggestion is quite accurate and should be considered as the default translation by the course developers.


Tidak ada = there is or there are. Both should be correct.

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