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"Ο δικαστής λέει ότι δεν είναι νόμιμο."

Translation:The judge says that it is not legal.

August 29, 2018



Would 'it's illegal' also be accepted instead of 'it's not legal'?

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While the meaning communicated would be the same, I do not think this is correct in a translation exercise. These exercises test whether learners understand grammar (here, how to structure negation), vocabulary etc. and can follow the given sentences. In a real life situation, you can use whichever option comes more easily to you, but within Duolingo it's best to stick to the original as much as possible.


Or perhaps we could focus only on the lesson at hand? I mean, this lesson was about "adjectives," not about negation...unless the same phrases are used in different lessons (?)


Sounds good, D, but I think you've got it backwards. Duo should be generous in allowing English translations, but should ask the students to write their Greek according to the lessons.

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