"That building is over there."

Translation:Gedung itu ada di sana.

August 29, 2018

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Why can't you say "Gedung itu di sana"?


although it is recommended to use "ada", it is correct too, please report it


What is the difference between "sana" and "situ?"


They have the same meaning. 'Situ' is used in informal situation. But both "sana" and "situ" are commonly used in informal situation.


Thanks! Terima kasih!


Hi, I am an Indonesian, even I can't differentiate 'sana' and 'situ' properly and use it interchangeably. I look up again,

'situ' means 'there', to point out object far from the speaker and closer to the listener.

'sana' means 'over there', to point out object far from both the speaker and the listener.

So, it'll be great if you can use these properly, but even if you don't, just remember, even a native use these two words interchangeably; so even if you forget to use it properly, chances are we'll still understand you

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