"Don't think about girls all the time, and study languages."

Translation:Nemyslete stále na holky, a učte se jazyky.

August 29, 2018

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'Nemysli celou dobu na holky, a uč se řeči' should be accepted, I think.


The second ---se--- was not available in the given word selection, therefore my sentence was incorrect.


If I understand your comment correctly...

The word bank presents tiles for the words that are included in the main translation (i.e., the one shown at the top of the discussion page), usually along with some "decoy" words that don't fit the sentence.

The main translation for this exercise is "Nemyslete stále na holky, a učte se jazyky." It does not contain two instances of "se," so there wouldn't be two tiles for "se."

If you used the Report button, perhaps someone can tell you why your answer was not accepted. If you didn't, no one knows what you actually wrote.

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