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  5. "A chair and a table"

"A chair and a table"

Translation:एक कुर्सी और एक मेज़

August 29, 2018



Do you need the एक 's if your saying "a table" and not specifying a number "one table"


Hindi doesn't have another option as far as I know. But when you think about it, why do we have different words for 'one' and 'a'? Most languages I've studied don't distinguish.


It is oddly English to differentiate a and one. Mainly I'm getting conflicting info from users. The definite article "the" doesn't exist and should be implied from context. Awesome. But some have said the indefinite article "a, an" doesn't really either and one should only use एक for one. I'm hoping I can figure this out.


So एक can indeed be left out most of the time, especially when it's obvious what is meant "मैं सेब खा रहा हूँ" for example, where it's pretty obvious you're eating one apple. But there's nothing grammatically wrong with writing एक सेब here, and it would just sound a little more formal. So I don't think you should get too caught up in this, just basically use एक when you're feeling in the mood :P

Also, although there is no 'the' in Hindi, वह, यह, and इस sort of play the part quite often.


I can't figure out how to write the word for chair in Hindi on the Devanagari Qwerty keyboard. Any tips?


क ् उ र ् स ् ई


Why doesn't this sentence end in "hain"


Because it's not a complete sentence - there is no verb in "a chair and a table". Adding "hain" wouls be something like "There is a chair and a table".

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